In this photograph, Mary is shown leading a group of African-American school girls to class. As and educator, she focused primarily on supporting and education African-American girls and women.

        Mary Bethune was a community leader and activist. She worked in both education and politics. As an educator she taught at numerous schools as a teacher. She then decided to found her own girls school in Daytona Florida. It was one of the country's first school devoted to educationg only black girls.It was named Daytona Educational and Industrial Training school for Negro Girls. It was a regular day school, but becuase she only enrolled black girls, she educated them by promoting leadership and strength among women. It was founded in 1904. She was President at the school  from 1904-1942 when she retired. Two years later she returned for one more year as president.

    Working as an activist in Wahington DC, Mary  became very active in  organizations such as: The National Association of Colored Women, The National Youth Administration of Negro Affairs, and the NAACP( National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.) She eventually became both president and vice-president of the NAACP. In these positions she lead conferences, promoted unity, and held sessions of promoting unity and understanding between races. She also focused directly on strengthening the African-American coalition for equal education and rights.She consulted the US secretary of War to choose the first women candidates for officers. She was appointed to be a
consultant of interracial affairs and understanding at the National Council of Negro Women.She was appointed by President Roosevelt in 1936 to be the director of the National Youth Administration of Negro Affairs.