This is a photograph of Bethune-Cookman University, the school that was founded in 1904 by Mary McLeod Bethune.

    Mary Bethune had a lasting impact for two major parties in our country. African-Americans and Girls. She was both a woman and an African-American, therefore she could empathize their feelings as a minortiy. Since her work  to reform the treatment of both of those groups, not only the education system has been affected. The way she affected African-Americans in a positive way, was by starting groups and organizations to unite people with a common goal, a common culture or background, and a common hope for bettering their lives. By working with these groups her message of unity and healing spread throughout.

    She affected girls in both obvious and non-obvious ways. She, herself was  and is an example of a woman role model who was self- made and self dependent. By founding one of the first schools for just African-American girls was a resounding action that led to much growth in the area of single sex education. Now, there are hundreds of all-girls schools that carry out the same mission Mary instilled in her school, a strive for excellence in female education. Because of her pioneer actions, our country has very much invested its time and money into learning more about single sex education, and the importance of girls getting the chance to get an equal education to boys.